Field Hockey
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Tradition and Innovation

Passionate people play field hockey all over the world, sometimes a bit hidden away. This sport is deeply linked to tradition and has a very modern image thanks to its technical nature. It will be present at the Olympic games in Tokyo. Let's discover this sport for all and its "family spirit"!
On the Podium Amongst the World's Best Sports
On the Podium Amongst the World's Best Sports

The third most popular sport in the world is field hockey! Surprising news? With thousands and thousands of players, field hockey is one of the most popular collective sports. Just after soccer, and basketball. With a very large worldwide community of passionate fans. Important point: There are just as many women as men practising this sport. Equity, liberty, equality!

Why is field hockey so popular? It has quite a long history, first: it is one of the most ancient ball games with Lacrosse. The very first field hockey clubs were created in 1851, in Great Britain, field hockey became a sport in the fullest sense of the word. Field hockey spread like wildfire across the British Empire… In almost every part of the world. In 1908, it became an Olympic sport. Back then, England, not Great Britain, became field hockey champions! In 2021, the rules evolved but field hockey kept its spirit of fair-play and its sense as a collective sport. During each game Self-pass, flick, PC and the "no offside rules" offer great qualities for a great show. With both traditional and contemporary style and values, field hockey has become a TV star: family spirit, social inclusion and equality. Alongside, the equipment has evolved. As we can see with the recent fusion of the two brands Dita and Korok.

We hope for the best inTokyo 2021. The British Women will have to fight and keep their Olympic title. The Men's champions are Argentina, they will face fierce competition from Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia. Many of these champions have a partnership with Dita or Korok. Let's follow those players who bring the highest values to field hockey with their diverse background and spirit of excellence.

Equity, liberty, equality!
Field Hockey

Did you know...?

Field Hockey finds its origins 2000 years before Christ in Egypt, and ancient Greece. The first official field hockey team was created at the end of the 19th century, in the South-East of London, Blackheath Hockey Club. The french term "hocquet" means "crook" as the shepherd's crook. Since 1908, field hockey has become an Olympic game. Since 1920, women have competed at the Olympics.

Profiles of Athletes With Great Values
Profiles of Athletes With Great Values
Jill Boon and Thomas Briels, Belgian internationals, and Terrance Pieters, from the Netherlands are three members of the Korok - Dita team. Jill, Thomas and Terrance are willing to share their vision, passion, talent and knowledge. They are "family". With them, the Dita and Korok teammates have created a true connection through their common and meaningful projects. As with Korok - Dita, quality is most important. But this is not enough for Jill, Thomas and Terrance: they are also very much socially involved. Rare Fact : Field hockey is a collective sport with men and women participating equally. With field hockey, gender equality is a reality!


a true social awareness

Jill has decided to share her time and follow the young generation of field hockey players. She offers them advice and great moments of sports with numerous training sessions. 100% women players. With advertising campaigns like #GirlsOnly and #GirlPower, with Korok, Jill helps to make women's field hockey more popular but she also helps to bring a high value to Women Sports (with capital letters). This state of mind is the same as #UnitedLadiesOfDecathlon from the OneBlueTeam.

Jill is also the creator and founder of the belgian association Sport2be, which helps underprivileged children to access sports. Jill brings field hockey to disabled people and disadvantaged cities areas.

For Jill, sports is beautiful when it is open to everyone: there is a place for everyone on the field… Jill tries to help evolve opinions. Just like #UnitedKidsOfDecathlon from the OneBlueTeam. Social inclusion with sports for all children.

Runner-up at the European champion.
Over 302 caps for Belgium.
Captain of her National team during the London 2012 Olympics.
First international field hockey to join the Korok - Dita project.


a committed player

“Down with racism!”, wrote Terrance Pieters in a newspaper article. First field hockey player from a visible minority group to play in the Dutch men's squad. Terrance has been inspired by the actions against racism in sports organised by Memphis Depay and Denzel Dumfries. His interview breaks a taboo.

Why should the colour of his skin change the way he practises sport? So why does he hear: “Cover that black!” or “Stop that black!” when he plays? Coming from his opponents. Or why do his teammates call him: “Negro”? For a long time, Terrance kept this problem away from him and even denied it -he admitted. From now on, he takes action immediately when the problem occurs. Why? To initiate a real awareness, even if he can't change everyone's opinion. We, Decathlon and the OneBlueTeam are his partners. We are one. We are united. We are humans and earthlings: Decathlon United is involved with this project with the campaign #WeAreOne.

18 caps in the Dutch national team.


a strong and down to earth player

Just like Jill, Thomas is one of the pioneers of the Korok team. As captain of a team that has become both European and World Champions and vice-champion at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, he certainly has the right values to be part of the project. Together with Korok, Thomas wants to make hockey even bigger than it is today. He wants everyone to have the opportunity to practice this beautiful sport that he has been practicing for almost his whole life. He does this by closing new partnerships with players and clubs. Together with Korok and the clubs, he thinks of ways to promote the brand and the club but also the sport. This summer he created a new key concept for hockey where he brings together hockey players from the local community. His enthusiasm is very infectious and he easily gets people on board. A true champion in everything he does.

European champion.
world champion.
Runner-up at the Olympic Games.
Captain of the Belgian national team
A Never Ending Passion
A Never Ending Passion
Korok Dita Passion Forever

Field hockey is a way of living. Fun, modern, easy to share: with great values, Korok, the Decathlon field hockey brand, puts together passionate teammates, at the highest level, men and women. Korok is made by players for players, and is a true collective project, with new team players and new territories. A very lively brand, always on the move, innovative, Korok offers an easy and quick start to beginners and offers experienced players a great deal of possibilities on the field.

Korok moved closer to a very famous brand in the same field: Dita. This brand was created in the origins of field hockey in 1896, it is a mythical brand, one of the first ones created in field hockey. With a great reputation for its products with a strong technical nature, its family spirit, its values of sharing and togetherness. Dita accepted the collaboration with the Korok brand in 2019. Dita gets stronger with the Decathlon R&D high research and development. Dita offers the Korok brand a unique and rich experience. These two brands complement each other. One for innovation and originality, the other for its long history of trust within field hockey.

The World’s Best Sport on the Podium

Korok-Dita gets digital. Scorrd - the main field hockey platform - offers to everyone the secrets of Korok-Dita. On the platform in one click, you can find news from all over the world, about field hockey, scores, technical information and news, interviews, players information and more.

Fun, modern, easy to share
Field Hockey: Respect, Fair-play, Togetherness, Authenticity
Field Hockey: Respect, Fair-play, Togetherness, Authenticity

Some sports have a great family spirit, togetherness, a great sense of respect. Field hockey is just as perfect as those sports.



The rules, the opponents, the umpires, the audience, and nice traditions. Field hockey develops self control.


Always there in a field hockey game, which respects its tradition of English elegance for over150 years.


A collective sport you share from one generation to another, with a great team and family spirit, a sport of solidarity and togetherness. Each one finds its own place and can play: it is played by teams with comprised of disabled players, mixed gender and intergenerational...


Field hockey is a way of life. Players are passionate people. In many countries, field hockey remains a semi-professional sport, despite its high level of players and national teams. There are less financial stakes than in other sports.

Recommended Equipment
Recommended Equipment


Formerly made of wood (ash tree, mulberry tree), today most of the sticks are made of composite matérials (glass fiber, carbonfibre and aramid fibre)

Extra low bow for a 3D game, more fun, with better technical qualities like agility and ball control.


Great precision thanks to its materials.


The hardness of the carbon is smoothened by the PE-EVA foam under the grip.

Ergonomic gripping

Quilted grip in PU, smooth to touch, diameter of the handle 30mm.


The union of 95% carbon and 5% aramid fiber for a better resistance.



Formerly made of leather, when people played with a wooden stick on natural grass, the ball is made nowadays with plastic materials, more resistant and efficient.
The Korok Ball
The Korok Ball

Hollow PVC ball.


Dimpled surface to control the course of the ball on wet fields



Mouthguard, shin pads, glove: a great security during a game or practising, to enjoy playing. Protecting yourself is essential as balls can get to 120km/h.


DITA Children Shin Pads
DITA Children Shin Pads
Protective equipment

K-resin plastic shell and EVA foam on the front parts. Malleolus shells.


Front leg shells and malleolus shells.

Wide open

Rubber band with a velcro grip, non asymmetric.

MouthGard KOROK
Optimal cover

Optimal teeth and gum cover.

Adjustable to any body type

Thermoformable materials. Preshaped lower part.

Ease to breath

Breathable space 2 mm under incisors.


DITA Glove

Dita Glove is a great shield for the phalanges and the back of your hand. Double foam coat and moulded polypropylene patches. Large opening on the palm area for an optimal grip of the stick. Neoprene wrist with velcro for a strong support and comfort.

DITA Glove
DITA Glove

Open area on the palm, material with a great grip inside the fingers.


Light elements.


Synthetic materials.

4 Rules for a Great Show
4 Rules for a Great Show
Field hockey is a spectacular sport, with a technical nature and fast pace, thanks to the evolution of its rules.


field players in each team… players can get in and out of the game as needed! Unlike other sports, when a player gets out of the field they can get back in as many times as needed. This rule is often used to allow 5 to 6 minutes rotations, the player can get off the pitch to rest and get back in the game when ready.


a foul or the ball leaves play, or if the game is stopped and the ball cannot be played, a popular action is to perform an aerial. They will throw the ball high enough -not to be dangerous for other players- to get to the otherside of the field. A technical shot that offers a spectacular style to the game.


hockey games (as it is played today) have become faster thanks to a specific rule: “self-pass”. After a foul or the ball leaves play, the player can go quickly with the ball, all alone: they can take a pass to “themself”. In conclusion: a quick gameplay.

Lucy Blue
A specific and an exciting action in a game: the penalty corner. When a fault is made in the circle, the attacking team has to go to the backline, 10 meters from the goal. A playerpasses the ball to one of theirteammates outside the circle. This player will shoot or play the ball with their teammates as they have a great forward position, in the circle area while four defenders and the goalkeeper from the other team try to stop them!

Lucy Blue - Field Hockey
Field Hockey
Field Hockey


4 basic rules to understand Field hockey: simple, efficient, visual...
  • 11 against 11 (10 field players and 1 in goal)
  • Each game lasts 40 to 70 minutes depending on age groups (4 x 15 minutes for international games)
  • Use only the flat part of the stick to play
  • Any part of the body above the knees for outfielders can be considered dangerous
Field specific features:
  • 91,40 meters long / 55 meters wide.
  • Smaller than a soccer goal, bigger than in handball.
  • Normally synthetic turf, short and well watered (the ball runs truer).
  • Specific part: the circle.
  • Half-circle of 16 m radius in front of the goal.
  • To score the attacking team must touch the ball inside the circle before hand with the flat side of their stick.