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    ¡El deporte nos hace más fuertes!

    Mientras el mundo atraviesa una crisis sanitaria inédita, existe un vínculo seguro, un vínculo certero, un medio positivo que nos asegura a todos un mejor estado de salud y un bienestar creciente: El Deporte que incrementa nuestra resistencia y ayuda a nuestro sistema inmunitario. También nos conduce a cuidarnos y cuidar de los demás.

    Aquí te presentamos algunos hechos irrefutables que nos dan esperanza, alivio y hacen que recuperemos el optimismo.

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    Los sport ci rende più forti!

    Nel momento in cui il mondo attraversa una crisi sanitaria inedita, esiste un legame sicuro, un collante certo, un vettore positivo che assicura a tutti una miglior salute ed un maggior benessere. Esso è lo Sport, che accresce la nostra resistenza e la nostra immunità e ci spinge a prenderci cura di noi stessi e degli altri.

    Presentiamo qui di seguito ragioni incontestabili che alleviano il cuore, ridanno respiro e spingono all’ottimismo.

  • Decathlon United : Sport Makes Us Stronger


    Sport Makes Us Stronger!

    Never before had we had to face such an epidemic. But there is great hope: sport - which reinforces our immune system - brings us all strength, power and self-confidence to beat the greatest rival we've had to beat so far. Facts and figures prove it.

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    Easybreath mask - Covid-19

    The Subea Easybreath mask has been shown online over the last few days by some internet users depicting it as a protective mask that could potentially guard against Coronavirus. However, this mask was not originally designed for this purpose. It was initially intended to be used for snorkelling, which remains the case. Any attempts to modifiy the mask could affect its functionality, particularly with regard to air flows.

    However, in the current circumstances, Decathlon teams are working and collaborating with various research centres, hospitals and authorities, as well as providing them with technical support, with the aim of determining whether the mask can be modified, and if such modifications are viable. If this were the case, it would still require health authorities to authorise its use.

    We cannot stop people from using this mask. Here at Decathlon, we are trying to help locally as much as possible. We intend to act responsibly and cooperate as much as we can with the relevant authorities.

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    Le sport nous rend plus forts

    Alors que le monde traverse une crise sanitaire inédite, il existe un lien sûr, un liant certain, un vecteur positif assurant à tous une meilleure santé et un bien-être augmenté.
    Le Sport qui accroît notre résistance et notre immunité, nous amène à prendre soin de nous, et des autres.

    Voici quelques faits irréfutables, qui redonnent du coeur, du souffle et poussent à l’optimisme.

  • The reason why we take action


    The reason why we take action

    Everyone can practice sport following the compulsory measures set up by its government. Sport strengthens our immunity and self endurance. You can think about sport as a solution... For all those reasons, We, at Decathlon, are proud to take action.

  • Decathlon United against Coronavirus: Local Initiatives


    Our great local initiatives

    Carry on doing sport is paramount nowadays... How to use the apps and the digital to move your body from home!

  • Decathlon United sporting tips


    Blue Sporting Tips

    In times of confinement, indoor sport has never been more useful. Practicing any physical activity with children and parents is fun. Please follow our fun and handy sporting Tips...

  • Decathlon United Hope memo


    Our Hope Memo

    All over the world, through our Decathlon United network, teammates are standing up to be counted for in order to help and to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. They are great inspirations to follow...

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