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  • Basketball United


    We Love Basketball!

    It is one of the most spectacular sports in the world. Its stars are world famous. Millions and millions of players are united by this passion, from the biggest pro courts to the simplest yards. Basketball is a sport that brings people together. And We Love It!

  • RFID by Decathlon United


    Benefiting Customers and Employees

    For over ten years now, Decathlon has been a pioneer of a particular technology for the benefit of its employees and customers: RFID. This technology increases product availability instore, accelerate and facilitate checkout and improve product security.

  • Field Hockey


    Field Hockey Pressfile

    Passionate people play field hockey all around the world. This sport will be present at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Let's discover field hockey and the great international players who represent Dita and Korok, two of the most recognized hockey brands. 

  • Decathlon United OneBlueTeam Breaking


    Meet our "Arthletes"!

    Breaking is an amazing sport, at the crossroads between dance and art. Our press file will help you understand the sport better. Come and meet BBoys and BGirls, in all their diversity and energy. What is a slip? How is a battle organized? Why is it better to go breakdancing with knee pads? What is Starever? Who are Djidawi, the dancer and Maxime, the musician? Join the crew and flick through our Press Kit...

  • Decathlon United Cyclists of Tomorrow


    United Cyclists of Decathlon

    The whole world seems to have embraced cycling...
    As 2020 is an unprecedented year, could cycling become the best way to return to our roots? Our roots: one of the greatest inventions of humanity is the wheel, could the bicycle be its first

  • Decathlon Dublin Opening

    Dublin Store Opening on June, 13!

    Don’t tell anyone... the new Ballymun Decathlon store opening June 13th is a gem. The (so far) unknown shop is truly one of a kind, thanks to its amazing products and services and thanks also to its amazing local team and its great way of recruiting and managing its employees...

  • Decathlon United OneBlueTeam Start Tomorrow Today


    Start Tomorrow, Today!

    Local sports actions, clever and inventive, creating a more sustainable, fair, responsible world in which we believe.

  • OneBlueTeam Decathlon United


    Some international beach-volley player secrets

    Alexandra Jupiter is a professional beach-volley player in the French team "Equipe de France" with Aline Chamereau. Copaya supports this world Top 30 team. To stay in shape and keep her energy at the end of lockdown Alexandra shares her secrets...

  • OneBlueTeam Decathlon United