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  • OneBlueTeam Decathlon United


    It's Time to Activate Movement!

    We are Responsible ; We Need to Alert You... said the World Health Organization only a few months ago. It is Time to Watch, Listen and Act: Sport is our Best Friend, Indeed!

  • Decathlon COP 25

    Our Only Future

    Decathlon commits to step up and set climate targets in line with a new level of climate ambition.



    Decathlon finds solutions for its supply

    In the current context of the Covid-19 crisis, Decathlon is coming up with alternative solutions to carry part of its production from China to Europe. A train...

  • Decathlon United - ITincident in Spain now closed


    IT Incident in Spain Now Closed

    On February, 16, an issue was detected locally and resolved by our Decathlon Spain teams. The incident concerned internal technical data only. This does not concern any passwords or bank card details of our Spanish customers. From the 123 million elements of data mentioned, only 0.03% concerns our Spanish users (name, first name, email address), and the remaining 99,97% are internal technical data unique to Decathlon Spain. The causes of the incident have been identified and corrected. The incident itself is now closed. We present our excuses to all those impacted by this incident.
    Decathlon United, February, 27, 2020

  • Decathlon United Sweden Stockholm


    Stockholm: Here We Come!

    We are so Happy to make Technical Sport Accessible to even more sports users living in the Stockholm area!
    Our Decathlon Westfield Mall of Scandinavia doors are now wide open for today's grand opening. Come and play with us...

  • Decathlon Eco-design approach

    Eco-design approach

    In addition to offering you high-performance sports products, the Decathlon teams are committed to promoting them in more environmentally friendly ways. To achieve this, we use eco-design.

  • workshop decathlon zero waste

    #Zero Waste Workshop

    Textile repair and luggage workshop at Decathlon Campus. The OneBlueTeam have good ideas for sustainable development.

  • Decathlon United Key figures


    Decathlon in 2019: People and Planet first!

    Decathlon’s positive 2019 figures and results, coupled with international growth of over 9% and net sales pushing €12.4 billion, are primarily attributable to the company's Human Values…

  • Decathlon bike challenge

    Bike Challenge

    Let's join the bike challenge ("Défi Bouge à Vélo") to reach out, all together, 1 million kilometers by bike in 1 month !

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