2019 Facts and Figures…

back again: 
People and 
Planet First!

Decathlon’s positive 2019 figures and results, coupled with international growth of over 9% and net sales pushing €12.4 billion, are primarily attributable to the company's Human Values… Within this sports retailer working tirelessly to preserve its playground – our Planet – 93,000 teammates undertake a host of local initiatives serving sportspeople in 69 countries.

« The only wealth with real value is Human Wealth. 
Economic riches are merely the consequence 
of this Human Wealth. »

Decathlon has enjoyed continued growth over the last 12 months, further consolidating its ambition to become a supportive brand. A brand that considers its employees to be its primary asset, and that cares for its customers and teammates by treating them as a best friend and offering them affordable yet innovative products and services. A brand that also looks after its environment, because our beautiful - and unique - playground also happens to be our planet...

Decathlon still forging ahead
in innovation and technology

Our actions to preserve
our playground

Decathlon is opening up
and opening stores across
the world’s continents

To be continued... 
In 2019, Decathlon harnessed the commitment and passion of its teammates to correct several mistakes that were made during the previous financial year. There is still much work to do. We state our strengths while recognising our limitations. For example: our environmental impact is still too great, and fairness and equality are still lacking… But we are the Supportive Brand, caring for our customers, our employees, our neighbours and our partners… We believe in the Value of Humanity; in responsibility. We have committed ourselves to this path, and we will do it with the utmost determination.

We, at Decathlon, have no hesitation in saying our main asset is the Human aspect, and that "Our People” count more than anything else.